White Fillings

Do you know that the structure, strength and appearance of your teeth can be restored even if they have been damaged, broken, infected or decayed? At Addiscombe Dental Surgery, we offer lasting solutions to dental problems. Whether you have a broken tooth or teeth, you can get your smile restored through a selection of our effective cosmetic dental procedures.

What is a white filling?

Also known as composites, dental fillings are used to repair cavities, holes in teeth or cracks in teeth. They are a very effective dental procedure and as such, are recommended for majority of dental cases. On a plus side, they require less drilling and use biocompatible materials that bond with your natural teeth, and can also be colour-matched to suit the natural color of your teeth. After dental fillings have been used to repair your teeth, they can last for years due to their seamless and natural looking aesthetic.

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How to tell if you need fillings

It is only a dental examination or a radiography that will confirm if you need a dental filling or not, however, if you experience any of these symptoms outlined below, you should see your dentist:

  • Sensitivity to hot, cold, sweetened food or beverages
  • Pain while eating
  • Food getting trapped in between your teeth

If after examination and your dentist confirms that you need fillings, schedule an appointment for dental fillings as soon as possible. Leaving the problem unattended will only result in further damage such as damage to the nerves in your teeth.

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Types of dental fillings

There are about two types of dental fillings. These are

Traditional fillings

Traditional fillings are silver coloured fillings that are made from a material called amalgam. This type of filling is strong and durable, however, it requires more drilling than the white filling.

White filling

This is the most popular type of dental filling, and it requires less drilling than the traditional filling. It is made of composite resin that are the same colour as your tooth and blend very well, as well as bond with your tooth. They provide direct support to the tooth structure that have been weakened, and due to the fact that they are the same colour as your teeth, they are aesthetically pleasing.

Alternative treatment

Inlays and overlays

For cavities that are too large or big to be treated with fillings, inlays and overlays come into play. These are ceramic fillings that are tooth coloured and are used to treat or repair larger cavities. They are also natural in appearance and are equally durable, and they are only to be used on teeth that cannot be fixed with white or traditional fillings.

Do you wish to find out more about dental fillings or white fillings? Do you wish to see a dentist for dental examination? If yes, contact us at Addiscombe Dental Surgery. We will provide you with all the information you need about dental fillings and other dental procedures. Call us today or send us an email at info@addiscombedental.co.uk

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