Dental Checkup

A regular dental checkup is important if you wish to have and maintain a healthy smile. Visiting your dentist at least twice a year will make it easier to detect any problem that may be brewing in your teeth at an early stage and offer a lasting solution that will preserve your smile. At Addiscombe Dental Surgery, we offer customised dental treatment and care for all our patients as well as recommend treatment for various dental problems.

Depending on the dental issues you have, there is a wide range of cosmetic dental treatments we offer to help our clients get that beautiful smile they want. Some of these treatments include the following:

Root canal treatment

Root canal or endodontic treatment is the type of cosmetic dental treatment that involves removing the sensitive pulp inside the tooth that has been affected either by infection, trauma to the tooth, dental cavity or tooth decay. The removed pulp is then replaced with a material called gutta-percha that does not only fill the gap but also prevent further infection.

Dental bridges

Dental bridge is a type of cosmetic procedure that provides solution to missing tooth or teeth. Using your dental impression, these dental bridges act as a prosthetic replacement for your missing tooth or teeth, thereby bridging the gap created by the missing tooth or teeth.

Dental fillings

Also known as composites, these dental fillings are used to repair cavities or holes in the teeth. Even better, they can be colour-matched to go with the colour of your existing teeth, so it comes out seamless and natural.

Inlays and overlays

This type of cosmetic dental treatment comes in handy when the damage or decay in the tooth or teeth cannot be repaired with a simple dental filling. Also created in the lab with the help of your dental impression, the inlays and overlays fit precisely over the damaged or decayed area of your tooth or teeth, thereby restoring its look and function.


Dentures are a perfect solution for patients who are left with few teeth or none at all. They are worn over the gums and fit perfectly. Made from materials that are very comfortable and lightweight, dentures need to be removed every night for cleaning so they can last longer.

Dental crown

For patients who have severely decayed, cracked or weakened tooth or weakened teeth as a result of root canal treatment, a dental crown is the perfect solution for them. Also using your dental impression, the lab creates a solution that fits over your existing tooth or teeth just like a crown, rebuilding the strength and look of your teeth.

Tooth removals

At Addiscombe dental surgery, our duty is to preserve your teeth as much as we can. However, if all treatment options are unlikely to be successful or all options have been exhausted, we will consider the removal of the tooth as a last resort. Bear in mind that we will put you through the whole process, and you will receive optimum care afterwards.

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