Dental Implants

Whether a tooth or two, losing them can be overwhelming and can have a severe emotional impact which may affect the self-esteem of the person and their quality of life. But this is not the worst thing ever because our dental practice at Croydon provides dental implants treatment by our specialised implant dentist. This replacement can either be fixed and permanent or something temporary. We offer conventional treatments and the All On 4 system at affordable prices.

What are dental implants?

Dental implants play the role of the root of a tooth. It offers a reliable and robust foundation for customised prosthetic teeth to be placed. Being made of potent biocompatible compounds like Titanium, it has no adverse effect on the body. When this implant is placed in the jawbone, it fuses with the bone and creates a bond. After the process of fusing is completed, a well-crafted dental restoration will be put on top.

Why choose dental implants?

Using tooth implants gives you a natural smile and better-looking teeth for the coming years. Since they look and feel like their natural counterparts, they tend to last for many decades. Implants offer substantial support to the teeth, just like the root would do since they are inserted into the jawbone. They help prevent bone loss and reduce facial sagging caused by ageing. There is a global success rate of dental implants of more than 95%, and this is higher than the other types of tooth replacement.

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Available options in Addiscombe Dental Surgery

Single tooth replacement: this is the most effortless dental implant procedure. It involves the replacement of one tooth with an implant and a crown to top it.

Multiple tooth replacement: the dentist can choose to use two dental implants to support your bridge or jawbone while covering the gap in your dentition. This implant method is different from the traditional bridges that require the nearby healthy teeth to be reduced for it to accommodate and support the crowns at both ends.

Full arch replacement: this is an excellent option for the traditional dentures. It can be used as a replacement if the patient lost all of his lower or upper teeth, and it does this with a minimal number of implants to support it. This takes away the need for an individual implant for each tooth. Compared to dentures, you will receive a more stable and long-lasting solution form full-arch implant treatment.

Improvement of Dentures: it is a cost-effective way to improve your smile by supporting your dentures with dental implants. This method allows you to use very few implants to keep your dentures permanently in place. You will now be able to laugh, chew and speak without worrying about a displacement. Also, you can bid goodbye to the gum irritation and sticky adhesives.

All On 4 dental implants

You must have heard about the All On 4 dental implants, and it is our pleasure to announce to you that this treatment is available at Addiscombe Dental Surgery. Our patients can now get their smile back in just one day. This method of treatment is suitable for patients that lost all their teeth and allows them to get it back with only four implants. They will be screwed into strategic points in the jawbone, and the dental bridges will be placed on them.

We do not take more than one visit to complete this procedure at Addiscombe Dental Surgery. However, we will examine the state of your mouth and jawbone to decide if you are suitable for this procedure.

How to maintain your implants

Your dentist will discuss the essential tips for maintaining proper dental hygiene with you. This will help you reduce the risk of damaging your implants and getting your bridge to fall off. Our dental hygienist works with patients to enable them to attain the required standard of hygiene to prevent oral diseases, care for their implants, and keep their jawbone healthy.

Dental Air Abrasion

Addiscombe Dental Surgery takes pleasure in her ability to offer advanced air abrasion cleaning to her patients. This air abrasion procedure uses a strong stream of aluminium oxide particles to remove stains from the teeth and remove the decayed part of the teeth without drilling. When it comes to the implants, it offers suitable cleaning by reaching out to the areas that the regular cleaning does not.

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