Teeth whitening

If you have discoloured or stained teeth, it is probably due to excessive intake of red wine, coffee, tea, or tobacco. However, darker shade of teeth may also be due to some uncontrollable or natural causes like genetics, intake of certain medications, the ageing process, and fluorosis.

Whatever the cause of your discoloured teeth might be, you can brighten the shade of your teeth using any of our professional teeth whitening treatment at Addiscombe Dental Surgery. There are several teeth whitening treatment, but professional teeth whitening is the most effective, safest and legal way to lighten the shade of your teeth.

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At-home teeth whitening kits

If you have discoloured teeth, but do not want in-chair teeth whitening, you may opt for home teeth whitening. To get your desired shade of teeth with a home teeth whitening kit, you will use a whitening kit for about two weeks, following your dentist advise for use.

Home teeth whitening kits are an effective, safe and affordable option for improving the teeth shade. To get your home teeth whitening trays, your dentist will take your teeth impressions and send them to the lab to make your perfectly fitting trays. When your trays are ready, your dentist will give you a bleaching gel which you will use daily with the custom-made trays for about two weeks.

With an at-home teeth whitening kit, you would have whiter teeth and a brighter smile, which could improve your professional and personal life. Before you start your at-home teeth whitening treatment, you need to have an initial consultation with your dentist to check if you have healthy gum and teeth for the whitening treatment.

Enlighten teeth whitening

For people with severely stained and discoloured teeth, Enlighten teeth whitening may be the best teeth whitening treatment. Enlighten teeth whitening is a professional in-chair whitening procedure which lightens the teeth by many shades. With Enlighten teeth whitening, you can be sure to get the pearly whites and Hollywood smile you desire.

For your Enlighten teeth whitening, you may need three dental visits. On your first dental visit, the dentist will take your teeth impressions then send them to the lab to make your whitening trays. This usually takes about two weeks. During the wait, your dentist will give you a desensitising toothpaste which you will use two times daily.

The toothpaste usually contains Hydroxyapatite (HAP), a substance that makes up about 97% of the enamel. HAP helps reduce sensitivity and improve the effectiveness of the whitening treatment.

On the second visit, you will get the whitening trays and a prescribed bleaching gel, which you will use daily for about two weeks.

Finally, you would have an in-chair whitening session with your dentist. This session usually lasts for about 40 minutes, ensure you bring your teeth whitening tray to our final visit. After your in-chair whitening session, you will have your desired shade of teeth. The result of Enlighten teeth whitening tends to last longer, but ensure you avoid stain-causing food and practice good oral hygiene if you want our teeth to remain white for a longer time. You may also need periodic top-ups using your teeth whitening gel and tray.

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